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At Borthwick Jewelry, Inc. we provide you with a Jewelry Care Guide that will help your jewelry last forever. There are many things you can do to prevent jewelry from getting damaged.

  • It's always advisable to wait until you have applied makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on jewelry.
  • Wear your jewelry in the shower because the hot water from the shower helps keep you jewelry clean but remember to take any silver jewelry off when you are swimming because the silver will tarnish in the pool water.
  • Wrap your jewelry in a tissue or cloth separately while it is being stored. Avoid using a leather case or plastic bags.
  • When doing household work always remove your jewelry.
  • Cleaning your jewelry on your own is a very good idea, but make sure you never use bleach as it can destroy your jewelry. Also, never clean jewelry that is already damaged, doing so may worsen the damage. Using water and mild soap is an acceptable way to clean most jewelry.
  • Bring your jewelry to Borthwick Jewelry Inc. regularly to have it checked for wear to prevent further damage.
  • When storing jewelry avoid putting valuable jewelry in your jewelry box on top of your dresser. Also avoid hiding valuable in your lingerie draw.
  • It is best to wear your jewelry, and possible get a safety deposit box.
  • I recommend finding someone handy to make you a secret cubby under a side table or possible under a draw. Maybe a secret cubby behind a cabinet or picture in the wall. I have also heard of people sticking a fed ex plastic label under the back of a draw to slip jewelry in or sticking the label onto the back of a dresser and than sliding it carefully against the wall. These ideas we hope are useful for you:)
  • We recommend not storing your extra jewelry in your bedroom, especially if you are having a barbecue or party. You never know who might roam in when they smelll those cheeseburgers grilling. friends relatives might just think he's another friend. During parties and events wear your jewelry. If you have too much to wear please secure jewelry in a safety deposit box or secret location as mentioned above.

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