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Canadian Customers


Why do Canadian customers shop at Borthwick Jewelry, Inc?

  • Jewelry in America is half the price of jewelry in Canada
  • Tax in America is approximately half of Canada's tax rate
  • Borthwick Jewelry, Inc. off exit 262 is on the way to Costco
  • Jewelry repairs can be done while you shop at Costco
  • Sell your scrap gold here and get American cash. (no coins please)
  • Everything in the store is real, the diamonds and bridal sets that you see are the ones that you'll get.
  • Personalized small town service. ( Family owned and operated)
  • Many Canadian customers have told us they got a diamond double the size and same quality as the one they were looking at in Canada. ( for some reason jewelry is priced much lower in America and even with the exchange rate the amount you will pay is much much much less than Canada)

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