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Tom Borthwick's History

Tom Borthwick

The Diamond King!

Personal History:

Tom grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa as the youngest of three children. He has an older sister, Pam, and an older brother, George. Together they had a happy childhood. Tom remembers playing kick ball, kick the can, sardines as well as building forts and ice skating to name a few. Tom graduated High School and earned his Eagle Scout in 1992. For the first two years following his graduation he attended Bloomsburg University in the Poconos. He then transferred to Penn State University. His drive to succeed was evidenced by how hard he worked to earn his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He took extra classes and attended summer school and eventually earned his Bachelors degree in Economics in 1988.

Eagle Scout

He started his jewelry career in Burlington, VT taking a managerial position with Gordon's Jewelers for six years. He then moved to Bellevue, WA with his brother, George and worked for Merksamer Jewelry as a "fix-it" guy. He travelled from location to location where the company identified stores which weren't thriving. He would spend approximately six months at each location revitalizing that particular store. He would identify the problem and then take the necessary steps to correct whatever it was. He would train and teach the managers customs service as well as business management; the employees would be taught customer service. All of this travel and experience gave his the knowledge, skill and drive to open his own business. His desire was so great he actually waited longer than his friends so his 401k would increase enough to use as his seed money! Wow!

Then in 1997 his dream became a reality by opening Borthwick Jewelry Inc,. in Ferndale, WA. After being in business for three years Tom took the Advanced Stone Setting course through New Approach School of Jewelers. Then in 2010 he took Laser Star Training course, again, through New Approach School of Jewelers. These two courses rounded out Toms knowledge and skills.

Tom has a daughter, Nicole, who is as adventurous as her dad. One of her favorite things to do with her dad is going to rock concerts or playing laser tag. She just loves to shoot her dad! In 2016 they took a father/daughter vacation to Paris, Venice and Rome. They visited many historic sites, ate lots of local cuisine and made many happy memories for years to come.

On 04-21-2007 Tom married the woman of his dreams, the love of his life, his kindred spirit, Tami Orranita-Pieper. She has two sons, Maximillian (Max) and Giovanni (Gio). Max works full-time with Tom as an apprentice jeweler. When you visit the store, you can see just how much chemistry and fun those two have. The family loves spending time outdoors camping, fishing, skiing, four-wheeling, and swimming at Lake Whatcom or tubing down the Nooksack River. If you're ever tubing down the Nooksack and hear singing its probably just Tom tubing with his family and he's driving them nuts!

Eagle Scout

When Tom's not working or enjoying outdoor activities with the kids and Tami he can be found playing hockey with Max in a local league. Tami and Tom love to travel the world. They have been to many historic and exotic places. On one of their trips they visited Borthwick Castle in Scotland. When you come into the store you can see a picture of it which was painted by his mom! So, come on in and hi to Tom and his staff. If you ask, Tom may just tell you about his latest trip and show you pictures!

"I Just want every customer to feel they've gotten a good deal."

"I want people to get what they want and to feel they've been treated fairly."

"To me, the most important thing in business is customer service, be fair, be honest and be friendly"

-Tom Borthwick
The Diamond King

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