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6 Months Before Wedding

  • Show everyone Your beautiful big diamond ring bought at Borthwick Jewelry, Inc
  • Choose the date of your Wedding
  • Create a Budget
  • Visit and Research wedding venues
  • Tell guests to Check hotels for availability
  • Get a wedding planner
  • Hire photographer
  • Select DJ or Band
  • Look into Catering and a Flourist

4 Months Before Wedding

  • Register for Gifts
  • Select an invitation
  • Shop for your Bridesmaids dresses
  • Decide what the Groom and Groomsmen will wear
  • Discuss ceremony ideas
  • Go to Borthick Jewelry, Inc and buy Wedding Bands :)
  • Have equipment reserved
  • Schedule tastings with caterer
  • Finish choosing flowers from flourist
  • Choose playlist with DJ or Band

2 Months Before Wedding

  • Guest List Finale
  • Look into hair stylist and makeup artist
  • Create final menu
  • Create rehearsal dinner
  • Mail invitations
  • Engagement photos
  • Go to Borthwick Jewelry, Inc and Buy Bridesmaid gifts & groomsmaen gifts

1 Month Before Wedding

  • Contact guests who haven't responded to your RSVP
  • Get Marriage License
  • Fitting wedding dress and shoes
  • Assign seats
  • Practice Dancing
  • Go through MUST HAVES
  • Write VOWS
  • Update your registration

1 - 2 weeks Before Wedding

  • Groom goes to Borthwick Jewelry, Inc to buy wedding day present.
  • Confirm guest count
  • Transportation finalized
  • Create times and locations for photo sessions
  • Share wedding schedule with everyone
  • Organize all accessories for wedding
  • Pack for honeymoon and wedding night

1 day Before Wedding

  • Bride goes to Borthwick Jewelry, Inc to get her ring cleaned for free

Night Before Wedding

  • Rehearse wedding ceremony


  • Give yourself time to get ready
  • Eat breakfast and drink water
  • Exchange gifts with betrothed