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Quirky Ads

Free Gift Wrapping

3D Design At Borthwick Jewelry

Big Big Big Diamond

We Fix Watch Battery

Borthwick Jewelry is Best in Whatcom County

Get Your Jewelry Appraisal

60% Off On Ruby Earrings

Pretty Pieces Jewelry 60% Off

Thanks For Voting Best Jewelry Store

Diamond Day Is On Now Borthwick Jewelry

Thank You Christmas Day Ad

Holiday Season - Tip

Happy Happy Happy Mothers Day Ad

Jewelers Sparkle

Santa No No No

Spring Time

Star Wars Spoof

Eddy Murphy Spoof

Construction Worker 40% Off

Diamond Education

Wayne's World Spoof: You're not Worthy


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Holiday Season Beware

12 Days of Christmas

Quick Repair

Price Point Engagement

Anniversary Sale

Borthwick Making It Easy

Borthwick Time Is Right

Life Is Good

Nw Beauty

We Specialize In Jewelry

Yes We Can Bridal Sale

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