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  • Insurance Company Compliant: All our appraisals are legal documents for insurance companies. We provide two copies with a full description and a picture. One copy for your insurance company and one for yourself.
  • Time frame: These appraisals usually take one business day to complete. We generally like to have the item overnight, however if you bring it in in the morning we can have it done later that day.
  • Waiting in the store for appraisal to be finished: If you want to wait while we do your appraisal, be prepared to sit for many hours because we have to help customers when they come in. It takes a lot of time to determine the quality and the value of every stone in the ring. Sometimes we have to call vendors to get an exact value, where it be diamonds, rubies, sapphires or any gemstones.
  • Value: We like to give a realistic value to remake the piece. Many companies over inflate or under inflate the value of the item. It is important for it to be valued high enough to replace the item, yet not so high that you pay big insurance bill forever.
  • EGL USA/GIA Certificate: We can get your diamond certified through EGL USA or GIA in Los Angeles California. This requires removing your diamond from the setting and mailing it either lab with insurance. The cost varies depending on the size of the diamond.

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